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Tuesday, April 15, 2003
This is so convenient. Not having to worry too much about erasures etc.

I guess that that just part of work. Kind of like Batman and Robin. Ico keeps on joking I'm going to be the next manager. Sometimes though I find myself abetting the joke. Coz it's funny. Even though I'm part of the joke? Must not get carried away or people will start taking it seriously.

I do find myself getting carried away by my jokes. I know it gives me a kind of ego boost, being a performer/being witty. Being too much of a joker is being somewhat short-sighted I guess.

It's about delivering a message. And if you're sure the message gets through that's ok.

When you write a program you don't put the whole friggin description into variable names. You say something like GetNum or CalcVal or FindPtrInStr or similar. See computer programming has its own shortcuts. And they are universally understood w/in the programming community at least.

I write grammatically correct emails and essays but when I text it's shorthand. It's more efficient. Why bother? It's your responsibility to keep your grammar and spelling decent outside of the texting realm. If you find it really affects how you write stuff outside text messaging, then play it safe. But otherwise, other people shouldn't chide you for shortct txtn coz itl ruin ur grammr. You can handle it. Though if that's a nice way of saying they can't understand what you're texting then you should take a hint sometimes.

Language is not static. Though it can't be totally fluid either. I think the definition of "correct language" differs on context, which is why you have proper colloquial, slang, formal, literary, etc. styles. If you went all Shakespeare at work that would be equally laughable as being too colloquial at a formal speech. So it's not one form is better than the other. There is a form of speaking suited for certain contexts. The context of text is communicating a short message (hence SMS) simply and efficiently. If you want to demonstrate your command of English through SMS, well that's OK too. But you shouldn't diss other people for poor grammar in texting. Because they may speak perfectly fine in conversations and outdo your papers in Philosophy or Theology class.

So as long as you get the right message through it's fine for me. So how much shrt ctn s 2 mch? Well you should know who you're talking to. If it's like my mother then I wouldn't use too many shortcuts since she might not understand.

Also if the person prefers long text, well, I tend to make it kind of verbose too, like fitting into the type of conversation the other person wants. Just don't cramp my style. I have my reasons. =)

I just thought about it, and there might actually be an address like it. I keep using it for my testing.
Monday, April 14, 2003

Hmm got to coin this word w/ Sacha. Basically we sometimes run out of things to talk about -- she is not a very small-talk person.

Anyway all such behavior is, generalized -- geeks will be "an observer" on anything:

They watch movies and keep on nitpicking on the plot holes.
They talk about things and then talk about how they managed to talk about things.
They will take a joke and dissect the humor, etymology, nuances of meaning.
- It's still funny but at least you have a good explanation why it's funny too.

Hmm is this wrong?...


"Meta-posting" meaning posting about the act of posting. Since I want to know what I'm doing. Right now since this is new, the fact that I'm logging stuff is something I'm writing about.

Like "meta-conversing" is talking about conversations.

Well normally I do not like to seem being ostentatious. Though the context is that I am talking to myself anyway w/ a remote possibility of being read by someone else. I have to be honest to myself, though not unnecessarily undecent in case someone might read. The private/somewhat public nature of this site makes it rather ideal for organized thought.


Well am not just ranting here randomly, I would also like this to organize my thoughts a bit. This is me dumping my brain contents into something more ordered for my own perusal.

Also good exercise in grammar and writing composition. Exercise in the sense of keeping fit mentally. =)
[TOWRITE: Related to why I'm an apologist and hesitation on writing -- Why I'm not committed / convinced / am a doubter on things]

[TOWRITE: Reflections on the Reminders dialog box that keeps popping up on my workstation and what it means about me]

[TOWRITE: Why I'm an apologist]
[TOWRITE: My humor -- good points, bad points, to do, to change]
[TOWRITE: Sci-fi inclinations and what I want to read on]

To organize my thoughts. Also to practice my English.

Eventually I hope to exercise my thinking to get myself to contribute original ideas to society. Not just here on the Web but by talking to others.
[TOWRITE: who do I share my ideas with?]
[TOWRITE: statements like these bother me by seeming to ostentatious. Why? I have some thoughts on these.]
[TOWRITE: write on Ostentatiousness and Candidness in the context of this journal]
[TOWRITE: on voluminity of my thought -- I keep on digressing and coming up of thoughts which leads to other thoughts. Perhaps because I haven't written about them for quite some time -- never actually. Must write them when I have time]
[TOWRITE: on how to manage time, since I potentially see myself as wasting a lot of time writing thoughts]


Ateneo essay-writing + Pisay objective/geeky precision makes it hard to translate thoughts to words. Has to be precise as well as grammatically correct.

Just have to say this -- just lost my voluminous ranting because of session timeout I think.

To be honest am hesitant to write. Good thing this is editable.
I have an explanation to be hesitant about writing in general. Later.

I believe first posts should not be too meaningful since, well you're just testing the thing.
Now why did I just write that? Why do I believe things? Again I explain this. Later on this.

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