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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Too much work. Budget time. That's the only thing to do. You never have enough time really especially if I waste it on things like repetitive video games.

Is learning Japanese worth it? How about playing the recorder? How about composing ring tones -- theme songs of old movies or computer games or defunct TV series produced by American (and some Japanese) conglomerates who will sometimes laugh at having totally taken over and wiped out Philippine culture (my writing is living proof of it). No I don't believe in intentional brainwashing by the forces of globalization. It's really just the money-making motive I think.

[TOWRITE: Nowadays most talking is about what mass media has indoctrinated you in. Liking impersonation I am a leading proponent of this kind of culture]

[TOWRITE: About how money is so innocent and so corrupting at the same time (and it's actually neither)]
[TOWRITE: About why I should still speak (straight) Tagalog and try to force it in some conversational contexts]
[TOWRITE: Reflect on why Captain Planet as a didactic cartoon is not effective. Clue: we're not actually cutting down the rainforests or supervising it. We're isolated because we never get to see the consequences of our actions and it's just fluctuating bars and figures on some newsbar on your TV screen.]

But going back...

Agh, choices. I've always been indecisive.

Love and life sometimes has its ups and downs. This is really a so so cheesy thing to say, but really one has to be reminded of it and life's lessons in general, which is why the Catholic Church will always have a role and older people and people who read the Bible and works of philosophers are not necessarily wiser (though it's a step). It's about learning from experiences. Again so cliche but I believe that writing down thoughts, like writing down notes is not just for reading it later (I probably won't) but so that it is brought to your consciousness more and you have a better time remembering.

See this is why I am writing so I will remember.

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