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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Word from my sister who works for Mars (actually indirectly, through my dad).

Caucasian manager says: M&M's from US are made slightly differently from those from Australia, because of different weather conditions. So it is fair to say that M&M's bought in the States taste differently from those we buy here in the Philippines locally (from Australia). Though Filipinos would say the US-made chocolates taste better (that the difference is in favor of the US-made ones.) The Caucasian explains this because of our "colonial" preference for US goods. Actually Australian-made M&M's are "fresher" since they have to travel less to get here. So maybe we like old-tasting M&M's?

When you go to the province and pass by the national road, you will see out of no where a great number of stalls, side-by-side, selling XXX where XXX is something like pakwan (watermelon), suka (vinegar), chicharon (pork rind) or whatnot. Why do they all sell in the same location?

Is that playing-safe strategy? (If they're selling here people must be buying here)
Are they sharing profits? (Big co-op thing)
Maybe it is simply to increase the combined frontage of their stalls so they'll be easily noticed.

For further investigation (someday).

I must

I've found a resource:


The Seraphim are those angels closest to divinity, and keeps all negative energy away from divinity while concentrating on keeping divinity constant and intact. The ruler of the Seraphim is said to be either Jehoel, Metatron, or Michael. The Seraphim are beings of pure light, and it is said that any human who would look at a Seraphim would die of fright from their brilliance. The Seraphim never stand still, but are constantly moving and consuming divine love and compassion. Though you cannot look upon a Seraphim, you can talk to them and request their aid in your magickal working (Seraphim are usually for when you wish to raise energy for humanitarian or planetary causes). When invoking the Seraphim, burn a white candle for Divinity and a Purple candle for the Seraphim.


The Cherubim watch over all galaxies and are the guardians of light and stars. The filter energy where needed and protect religious establishments. Cherubim are popular viewed as half human and half beast, sometimes with lion faces. They appear in exquisite form and are said to outshine all other angels. Cherubim are invoked when you are seeking divine protection, wisdom, and knowledge. Burn a white candle for divinity and a blue candle for the Cherubim.


Thrones are planetary angels that filter incoming and outgoing positive energies. The name Thrones comes from the idea that divinity rests on their stable shoulders. Justice is very important to them, sending healing energies on victims and shining light on the injustices. The prince of the thrones could be Oriphiel, Zabkiel, or Zaphkiel. Invoke the Thrones for assistance in smoothing relations with groups of people or between two individuals, stability, or issues involving planetary energies. Burn a white candle for divinity and a green candle for the Thrones.


The Dominions (Dominations) are the angels that fill the role of divine leaders, often carring emblems of authority, such as scepters or orbs. Their efforts involve integrating the material and spiritual. The prince is either Hashmal, Zadkiel, Muriel or Zachrael. Dominion is also the name of the oldest angel. Invoke the Dominions for issues dealing with leadership, accessing divine wisdom, cause and effect, and beginning and glitches with projects. Dominions don't approve of corrupt governments and other leaders that do not have the best interests of the people in mind. To reach the Dominions, burn a white candle for divinity and a pink candle for the Dominions.


The Powers are angels of great protection. The keep track of human history and lineage. They organize the world's religions and regulate chaos, sending positive energy to keep the positive aspects of religion going. They are divine warriors, spurred by encompassing love, not by hatred. These angels will protect you when someone is out to harm you by sending you messages through feelings (intuition), dreams, or snippets of conversation. But to recognize these messages, you must clear your inner chatter and listen to what they are trying to tell you. The chief or leader of this group is said to be Ertosi, Sammael or Camael. Other angels include Gabriel and Verchiel. Call on the Powers magickally when you are in trouble. The will assist you and defend you, or any group of people who call on them for protection and defense. Burn a white candle for divinity and a yellow candle for the Powers.


The virtues move mass amounts of spiritual energy to the earth plane and to the human consciousness. The prince(s) is(are) said to be Pi-Rhe, Michael, Raphael, Barbiel, Haniel, Hamaliel, Tarshish, Peliel, Sabriel, and Uzziel. Virtues are fond of those you strive to go beyond their capabilities or what people say they can acheive. These nature angels work with that falling under the elements (earth, air, fire, water, spirit) and planetary upheavels. Turn to the Virtues when working magick with elemental magick, healing, or when you are sick or scared. Burn a white candle for divinity and a orange candle for the virtues.


The Principalities are guardians of large groups such as continents, countries, cities, where groups of people congregate, etc. They work toward global reform and aid the decisions made by human leaders. They funnel energy from the physical to the divine and from the divine to the physical. The chief ruling angels of this order include Requel, Anael, Cerviel, Nisroc, and Suroth. Invoke the Principalities for matters dealing with inadequate rulership, strength to make wise decisions, discrimination, extinction, and human rights and economic reform. Burn a white candle for divinity and a red candle for the Principalities.


The Archangels usually belong to one of the other spheres. They are used to dealing with every type of situation and/or type of person. They also create and funnel energies both ways.


The Angels (or Guardian Angels) are those assigned to a particular person. They too funnel energy both ways between divinity and humans, linking themselves to matters of the human and physical manifestation. These angels guide us through our lives, or a particular part in our life, defend us when we are in trouble and assist us in carrying out our life's plan. A Guardian Angel can come from any of the nine choirs depending on the obstacles we will cross in this life. Guardian Angels are constantly in touch with all the angels in the nine choirs, and if we ask for their assistance, they will ask both divinity and other angels for help. Burn a white candle for divinity and your favorite color candle for your Guardian Angel.

My grandmother died April 31, 2003.

We went home to Nueva Ecija (~180 km from Manila) for a trip back home.

First the quick, trivial thoughts (idea dump) on way back:

Original pares is like special buko pie. You don't have non-original pares or regular buko pie. Never
We saw the ff. independent oil gas stations (not Caltex/Petron/Shell)"

Red Oil
Orange Fuel
Texas Oil
Flying V

Not found:
Unioil (?)

[JOKE] We were going to take North Diversion Road but it was waay congested so we took the "old road" back to Manila. Funny, after 20 minutes or so we saw a sign saying "Ang Dating Daan".

[random info]

continuation of previous

An interesting point though, cursive is basically used for about 3 years in Elementary school, and then for signatures. Will we continue teaching cursive simply for the sake of signatures? Or will we start seeing printed signatures, or just give up on the concept entirely?
The concept of the signature as identification seems rather silly to me anyway. My signature varies tremendously, and lately I don't even really bother finishing my name.

[random info]

from Slashdot

What really freaks me out, though, is the number of teenagers who have probably never tied shoelaces. Young kids wear slip-ons and shoes with velcro straps. Older kids have coiled elastic laces. Then there's the floppy-skateboard-shoe stage where the shoes have laces but they are permanently knotted loose enough to just slip on and off. Now basketball shoes come with zippers and skates all use cantilever or ratchet fittings. I guess they'll get Mom to tie their dress shoes when they graduate from college.... :-P

[random info]

from Slashdot:

I've been told (by a Babylonian scholar) that there are more people alive today who read and write Babylonian cuneiform than at any other time in history.

When it was a living language, the world's population was tiny and the literacy rate microscopic. The literate of ancient Babylon are far outnumbered by the linguistics undergraduates who study cuneiform today.

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