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Monday, July 14, 2003

More "for posterity notes" from my Dad's recollections.

Originally, San Jose, Nueva Ecija was part of the Dagupan (Pangasinan) Diocese. In the 1960's, it became part of the Cabanatuan Diocese, and now it is now its own diocese (hence they're building the church into a cathedral up to the present [2003]).

There were more priests from the religious orders back then. Eventually secular priests became the majority. Among the priests from my father's childhood in the 1960's were some Belgian and Dutch priests who

Apparently they were good disciplinarians and keen on organizing (they set up inter-school sports meets where students get to live with foster parents in the neighboring towns when they were the visiting team.)

They also taught my dad table setting. The Belgians would smoke tabacco, and eat bread from their own "pugon" oven (so similar if not pan de sal), eat croquettes (mashed potatoes + breadcrumbs -- did I get that right?)

WHY YOU HAVE THE PATEN DURING COMMUNION: Since it's the body of Christ, no crumb must go to waste. The crumbs go into the priest's chalice of red wine and drunk by the priest.

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