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Thursday, August 14, 2003

Just some interesting facts
ISO was intentionally used to match the Greek prefix iso- meaning same.

ISO 9001 is different from 9002 (the latter is more focused on specifics.)


AOL logs:

JNYap (3:56:24 PM): jerome
jeromep80 (3:56:27 PM): jason
JNYap (3:56:39 PM): anong mas gusto mo japanese, chinese, or italian?
jeromep80 (3:57:20 PM): saan to?
jeromep80 (3:57:25 PM): food ba to?
JNYap (3:58:54 PM): food, and people
jeromep80 (3:59:05 PM): teka so ano nga to
JNYap (3:59:33 PM): teka lang
JNYap (3:59:38 PM): ano ng nangyari sa iyo?
JNYap (3:59:43 PM): odts?
jeromep80 (3:59:55 PM): close na lahat ng bugs on my side
JNYap (4:00:11 PM): ok, good
JNYap (4:00:20 PM): so tapos na
jeromep80 (4:00:23 PM): so ano tong pinapapili mo sa akin?
JNYap (4:00:35 PM): food and people
jeromep80 (4:00:49 PM): food japanese ako
JNYap (4:01:04 PM): tao?
jeromep80 (4:01:52 PM): ano muna to
JNYap (4:02:07 PM): survey
JNYap (4:02:32 PM): tingnan natin kung ano yung relationship ng tao sa food
JNYap (4:02:41 PM): example, french to french
jeromep80 (4:03:19 PM): sige japanese na rin. practice ko jap ko
JNYap (4:03:30 PM): hmmm
JNYap (4:03:56 PM): so kung masarap ang japanese food, ok rin yung mga japanese, pero chinese, masarap naman, ok ba yung mga tao?
jeromep80 (4:05:05 PM): hm, ako minsan yung food lang
JNYap (4:05:18 PM): hmmm
jeromep80 (4:05:24 PM): unless kasi na-appreciate mo rin yung culture ng ibang tao...
jeromep80 (4:05:29 PM): hindi lang food
JNYap (4:05:32 PM): kaya nga
JNYap (4:05:49 PM): study, how food reflects the culture, people
JNYap (4:06:23 PM): kita mo jap, organized yung food, organized din sila
jeromep80 (4:07:19 PM): i think it's more like, organized sila, kaya pati food nila ganoon
JNYap (4:12:03 PM): korek!
JNYap (4:12:09 PM): eh chinese
jeromep80 (4:17:32 PM): well geography ng chinese
jeromep80 (4:17:52 PM): kaya ang daming kung anu-anong chinese herbs, mushrooms
jeromep80 (4:18:59 PM): chinese medicine thinking, eat bear mushroom tiger turtle etc. to get wise, good skin or virility
jeromep80 (4:19:17 PM): malaking servings (as in chinese restaurant) kasi family-oriented
jeromep80 (4:20:03 PM): it works the other way din -- people who have a certain way of thinking may like a type of food that reflects their values
jeromep80 (4:20:14 PM): e.g. aesthetics - japanese
jeromep80 (4:20:30 PM): large healthy servings, family eating - chinese
jeromep80 (4:20:45 PM): very busy - fastfood
JNYap (4:24:32 PM): ah italian?
JNYap (4:24:42 PM): pizza!
jeromep80 (4:25:07 PM): hm, well ulit yung geography -- olives for example
jeromep80 (4:25:28 PM): tsaka tinapay
jeromep80 (4:25:40 PM): di natin masabi talaga kasi americanized na ang pizza eh
JNYap (4:25:56 PM): spaghetti, galing china
jeromep80 (4:26:02 PM): hindi totoo yon
JNYap (4:26:30 PM): ows
JNYap (4:26:38 PM): sabi ni marco polo eh
jeromep80 (4:28:32 PM): search mo sa net
jeromep80 (4:28:35 PM): hoax yan
JNYap (4:29:29 PM): ows
jeromep80 (4:31:03 PM): eto pala btw, ok na sites

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

On the same site, some insights on modern technology as a time-saver:

[A woman] may be exhausted at the end of her double day, but the modern "working" housewife can at least fall into bed knowing ... her efforts have made it possible to sustain her family at a level of health and comfort [once] reserved for [the] very rich.

(context is housework)

Aluminum used to be a precious metal!!!

On the MRT today.

He seems to be pretty OK with doing the Project Management stuff.

Notes on how we do things differently (SVI vs. Trend)

Vast pool of programmers vs. small team
System Analyst pool vs. dedicated/few project ppl
Java / JSP / J2EE vs. MS stuff
Big projects; milestones & detailed proj sked

May be useful in improving our internal processes.

During lunch I brought my "generic" chocolate cookies. We then ran into a discussion of generic stuff in supermarkets, etc.

Orson: Fibisco outsources its cookies! (Conjecture: similar to mine.)

(Somebody else): Goldilocks.

Me: Also some US supermarket

(Someone): SM (as in SM Bonus).

Let's outsource people? Allusion to Dilbert comic strip where PHB outsources to India --> Mexico --> Philippines --> back to themselves. PHB: Lets raise our prices (not sure on exact quote.)
Tuesday, August 12, 2003

ODTS is on its way out. Just fixing some few bugs for Japan.
Have to study SmartPhone VC++ for XChallenge.
Then study JITSE (~85% complete on review run-through!)
Then study C# (got to study some threading and delegates and sockets.)
Two weeks from now, MS CMS 2002 training. Lots of work on Intranet and VE CMS.
Working with latest technology, and success and I think if I do this well, recognition in projects shouldn't be far.

Things are looking quite good...
Monday, August 11, 2003

Lots of fun at Sacha's birthday party yesterday. Learned how to make sushi, play Werewolf and see her sister Cathy do her fire show.

Also I was again confronted with the fact that I'm so bad with people's names.

A realization that it real friendship is about dialogue, about talking about what others' interests and their passions in life, and sharing with them.

What is friendship? What is love? So much to learn, really...

To be continued...

Talk about a meta-post!

I've noticed how much less I've been posting here. My friend Sacha reminded me about how a life unexamined is not worth living.

Lately I've been using this to augment my memory. Which is not bad I think. But for the same reason pure information is not really useful unless I've related it to my life somehow by reflecting on it, memory by itself is meaningless.

Is the corporate world ethos contrary to a life of reflection and blogging? It seems that I am not given time for it. It's been quite ingrained in me that I should strive to learn more things -- in my case more programming languages and techniques, new technologies, new software methodologies, more projects, etc. I've consoled myself that at this stage in life I have to work hard to further my skills. One cannot always spend every day musing about life.

And yet...

I realize that it's the occasional aimless musing that brings me to face the occasional absurdity of some of the things I do. Should I really be reading Slashdot everyday? I am not making good use of my time while commuting. I should be finishing the JITSE reviewer. And so on. I should be meeting friends and meeting my commitments with them. I think why people have good friends is because of the quality of conversation and actions between them (that sounds so abstract doesn't it?)

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