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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Was relatively unloaded today. Spent some time getting in touch with people. Posted on pisay97 yahoogroup and IMMEDIATELY got a reply from Ina, and a bit afterwars, Dottie. Also got in touch with Leo Crisologo. Replied to Dominique (great guy) in Yahoo. Managed to post a Trend job ad in pisay97 even. Too bad can't attend homecoming (most likely) due to JITSE.

Am coming to pisay97 event on Aug. 29. Hope to really catch up with the rest of the batchmates. =)

Stayed late up, took the 9:30 shuttle. With Orson and Eden Balcueva.

Orson: Eric still teaching?
Me: Yes, still on OpenGL stuff.
Orson: Sacha also?
Me: Yes she's teaching also...

Then we talk about the academe about being as it is, good if you like what you're doing (do what you want to do in life!) just don't have expectations you'll get money out of it. I comment that (being a bit cynical and pragmatic) that you can just partner up with someone who's into the "career" thing.

Eden mentions that's what exactly he and his wife did! She's teaching and he is working.

Insight is that it's nice to find someone whom you can talk about these things. Not just be romantic, but be able to talk about what you want to do about your career, even finances. It's part of being life partners (can't say I have the right to talk profoundly about these things.)

Me: "Maganda yung nakakapag-usap kayo sa mga bagay na ganyan."
Orson: "Ano yon?"
Eden: "Mga bagay na ganyan."


Is a Ph.D. "worth it"?
Monday, August 18, 2003

Went over to Mark's place in Katipunan to help him with his XChallenge project. I researched connectivity and sockets, and developed a good messaging framework. Learned about the Win32 message queue. (I seem to be going backwards in terms of developer knowledge, first VB6, now this.)

Had a bad cold and much headache but managed to get the login and disconnect framework correct. Message-passing, socket serialization and deserialization work. Mark's working from this prototype. He's also doing the back-end by himself on .NET.

Of note, he researched a growth function from for the growth function of our feudal game populace. Neat!

Got to tour his eating spots in Katipunan. Of note is Red Panda at Olalia(?) Building across Gate 3 for really cheap but good Chinese value meals.

Have to work. More on this later.

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