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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

The next day (today) I went to the US Embassy. There I confirmed that because of my annotation I have to apply again (they treat the move in schedule as an entirely different reason for going.) Heck...

So, am going on 6AM to 3PM shift tomorrow. Sifted through the Intranet documents today among other things like the usual UC database problems, JP requirements, VE CN updates, ODTS bug reports, VE-CMS technical planning etc. etc. I composed an email for Anuja to clarify the scope and requirements for the Intranet project. Sounds exciting as an exercise for people coordination, resource planning, as well as technical design.

Why am I writing all this? Well it's a nice snapshot of my work nowadays. It's hectic, but still quite exciting. Really just need to keep positive. People don't always do the best things in Trend Micro, not that they're mean people, just that we just need more coordination and cooperation. I hope to learn more about that part, being technical as well as organized and people-oriented, altogether comprising the best skill set for heading a successful IT project.

I need to remind myself to not get it all into my head. Yes I've covered a bit of distance since I started, and I seem to be quite in demand these days, but I just keep in mind that really things can improve quite a lot around work, and I shouldn't be satisfied with a good title because it may be that in some other organization my actual skills don't amount to much. Just need to be on my toes and deliver and work with other people so we can accomplish more. Really appreciate how others helping out and delegating work can help me accomplish more, and how I can help speed up others' tasks with my expertise in a certain area. That's the way to go for us. Need to promote the cooperative spirit, first in myself (keep humble) and then share the infectious feeling with others.

Enough for today! Must improve sleeping habits!!!

Yesterday was quite a day.

Was all prepared to go the US. My parents were kind enough to take me to NAIA. At the security check though, I was asked about my visa which had an annotation "Attend training on August". The lady wasn't sure about my case and called her supervisor. The supervisor said "No." I spent some time calling Jo-anne and Kaufman about what to do next. Eventually the check-in counter closed and I got the window at the US Embassy where I'm supposed to arrange for revising my visa annotation.

My dad fetched me. Was pretty nice of him. They brought Tinsel, so we had some fun eating Prima buttered toast biscuits which she really liked. Once I got home I arranged for Jo-anne to prepare all supporting documents from US. Had half an hour sleep. I left the house 10:30, reached the office before 12, had a rush discussion with the VE-CMS team and the consultant on the technical discussion outline I sent the day before. Had a quick McDonalds lunch, some diversionary ASP.NET programming work, dispatched emails, then talked to Kaufman and Jo-anne regarding the next thing to do. We decided to give the window at the US Embassy a try. Once we got all documents from US and HR (a lot of people harried in the process) they threw me a big lump of petty cash, arranged for my taxi and off I went to the US Embassy to beat the 4:30 closing time.

All for what? I reached it by 4:00 PM. Just to find out that the window I'm supposed to go to is only open 7:30-8:30! Not that we didn't try calling the US Embassy hotline which is ALWAYS busy apparently.

I really owe it to myself to complete my "On Love" discussion. A life-long discussion really. Just a reminder. Need to have at least a tentative stand on the loftier sides of it (my TODO's.) I have always been undecided on a lot of things. Need to make a stand really. This is a reminder. I remember things better when I write them. The same motivation for writing notes. Not that you necessarily read them again (though it helps) but the exercise itself disciplines me to structure thoughts, and structuring these thoughts makes me, well, think about them, how they fit with my existing ideas and feelings about things, which serves both to help me internalize them in terms of memory, and internalize them in terms of deepening understanding in relation to myself.

[BACKLOG 9/14/2003]

Funny thing, that when my mom heard about my US trip, she started to planning my shopping, if not instantly, soon after the fact. I bought 1 long-sleeved polo, 1 short-sleeved polo, a blazer, and a jacket (actually she bought it and I didn't get to choose it but it was OK.) She also used the opportunity to buy underwear and socks and hankies for me and my Dad. I bought new brown leather shoes. The salesman was a quite a pro and dishing out the merits of W. Brown shoes, and of polishing them so that they're waterproof and they'll last for years and years. Staring at my wrinkled, faded old shoes, incidentally of the same brand, I was a bit skeptical but then again they were a discounted pair and I am not really too good at taking care of clothes (hmm, maybe the leather care product he was telling me about works.)

HE SAYS THEY'LL LAST ME 6 YEARS. Hah, let's see about that! That's why we blog things actually.

MY US TRIP W. BROWN SHOES: 9/14/2003 - ?
Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Am of to the States! I was hastily reassigned to the Intranet project, thanks to Jenny Chang and some "top-down initiative execution". I hope I can still help out in VE-CMS which I hope will be successful as it has been my "pet project" for almost my entire stay at Trend so far.

- Help out in Intranet planning
- Soak up info on US Web dev projects and setups (CMS modules, IT infrastructure, VE syndication, etc.) for the benefit of PH projects.


Some interesting ideas shared by Ambo during our dev meeting:

- Best way to improve software is PERSONAL craftsmanship excellence. Need to create personal code library, as well as improve use of techniques (code reuse was cited, I think design patterns and refactoring philosophies also go here)
- Need to research on the metric he mentioned for measuring software complexity -- Cyclometric (?)
- Peer reviews of tech specs!
- Planned shared reviews for MCAD/MCSD exams!

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