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Sunday, October 19, 2003

Nice weekend at Eugenio Lopez Center in Antipolo with the entire team. We had paintball war games the whole of Saturday. Was really rather a "chicken" fighter in a team that likes to play defensive.

Nice food, nice view of Manila, nice room (the fudging around with the card key, and the "only-hot" shower notwithstanding.).

Historical note: our Saturday there was same day of visit of George W. Bush here.

Had a nice swim, with some learning from Kaufman (who was a lifeguard before!) about proper breaststroke and freestyle movements. Something to practice in pools other than wading and floating around...

Rather productive workshop on Sunday morning, brought out some responsibility and ownership issues at work, which can hopefully be acted upon. This blog is a reminder!

On the way back, some new stuff from Romel: he used to work with Casio, and also another development project related to stocks. Also he mentioned again how he brought Daryle and Joey into the team and how he helped them out. Romel can be "maloko" and "green-minded" but he does take care of people. Shows how you can be a great person without being "sensitive", and looking at it the other way around, guys who are "nice" and "malambing" are principled and can be admired by others (ok that may be a bit of cynical thinking there.)


We're proceeding with the Intranet project dev at a fine pace. No, not really fine, we're about a day or 2 late, we have to come up with our own search page, the localization kit's late. But we'll manage with some long hours extra. Can't expect others to put in as much long hours though.

We moved in into Zamboanga Room. Actually quite cozy, and we get to have an FM radio. They keep playing the same songs on RX though (e.g. Parokya -- Mr. Suave). Sharing of food, stories (lots of girl talk -- am 1 guy vs. 2 girls). I got my CMS and RESX to Excel program to work for the L10N kit. Still continuing a good experience in coordinating work between different people (consulting Guido, delegating stuff to Gladys), and documenting, and actually programming besides.

Gladys is still selling her goodies 3 times a week, and we get quite a number of people coming into the room. Her sandwiches and salad are really good. The sausage roll was so-so, or maybe I'm really a veggie person. I look for veggies at every meal. Except breakfast, that is. =)

We also had a preliminary meeting for the Halloween decor contest. We'll do The Ring, for lack of time to think of something more creative. Hmm, execution will be a challenge. Good luck, really.

And during the nights I wrapped up my share of ACM problems and submitted test data. Didn't have a 3rd problem up to this week, but good thing I thought up of the 3rd problem on my way to the shower. Was well planned -- sent an email, and left a diskette at Trend reception desk just to be sure, in case they really need a copy Diane et al can fetch it there.


Have to improve:

(1) Being less irate when under pressure and being asked questions. I have to keep my cool and still be supportive of the others in the team. Ack, really it's a matter of not being selfish with one's time.

(2) Should take quick action on issues. Should have taken care of the search engine issue earlier.

(3) be more communicative with potential issues and clarifying information that PM and QA need. Like clarifications on how CMS works or how we've architected the system. They should ask, but if I have a gut feel that it's a potential cause of misunderstanding should do something. Like our assumption on the site hierarchy. Good thing I brought it up with Anuja and Elita. Also good that Maureen can easily ask me questions being right beside her in camp -- since not really that much time to put all details in writing.
(4) It pays to have tech details architected early on. This project came up pretty well since I was initiated into creating the documents Anuja used for the External Web CMS project, and these really helped me plan and document the specs for QA. Should learn to do these documents faster, and will do so because of experience on this project. =)

(5) Plan. Clear tech design, on my part. Not really encountering issues where I run out of things to delegate since I kept the design in my head (unlike in say, ODTS) but looks like that had been close to happening on a number of occasions (search, employee profile).

(6) I still procrastinate a bit. I can justify it with hesitation because of risks on doing work early, but have to watch out. Hesitation is bad enough, but postponing without a reason really is worse.

(7) Somehow I have to accomplish all of the above and still have time on my hands. Maybe take opportunity of the "sleep at Mark's" option more often (TODO: arrange for extra set of clothes at office.). I think that's the best timesaver outside of work. At work, well I do get the urge to refactor. It's good, but... well just need to improve judgment. Not that I think I did pretty badly for the past weeks in this area but just need to watch out.


I realize that I have to post detailed stuff here. Because this blog is primarily to help me remember stuff. Am not submitting an armchair-comfortably elegant, philosphy paper for Fr. David. Para naman matatandaan ko pagkatapos.

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