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Friday, October 31, 2003

I spent the first 3 hours of being 23 in the office!!! I was cranky and had to wait until Anuja could successfully input content in production before I went home. There was some authentication problem and they told me I messed around with the production environment and I was already raising my voice because I've had countless issues that day and just wanted decent sleep on my birthday.

I resolved the problems with Ting (they were able to identify the authentication problem later.) Sent a "patching up" email to Anuja and Josie about being sorry for being frantic earlier, it's my birthday, let's just work together to get everything up. And they called me to greet me happy birthday just before I went home. Aww shucks... =)

Morning: My parents told me I got my JITSE 2003 results! I got 93.125%. I got a bit higher than Neil and Amil. Got in a bit late, understandably.

Usual BP unofficial long email thread, directed at my birthday, was lively conducted, with Romel and Patrick and others providing their usual colorful comments.

My usual memory pointers:
- Maligayang bati!
- Ang bastos ni #####!

The beta test happened, sort of. We did get significant content in. And some relatively minor issues in my mail, before I went home.

Halloween decor party was today! They said 5:30, but judging started 6:30. So much for MSDN eyeball. Lots of dark humor going around in the dark room while waiting in our "horror ride".

Mental notes:
- Farting
- Michael Jackson
- Weird noises
- Do you want to join me in my crypt?

Then a bout of Happy Birthday singing with a Halloween tone (woooooh!) We had 4 scaring rounds for the judges (they went in 2's.) Had fun as the zombie in the tomb, partnered with "Bilbil" Mike (hehe). Judging results tomorrow I guess. Had picture taking afterwards and a controversial kissing scene (was "monstrous"!), then mad scrubbing of my face to get the make-up off before rushing off.

Lastly mad rush to MSDN eyeball. Didn't make it. So just waited for Mark inside the taxi parked near Enterprise. We went to Rustans, met with my parents and Ate Vanny and had dinner at Superbowl. And we talked a lot about what's going on. =)

Mark just got back from Antipolo (cloud 9). They're doing great with the training. They had 4 sessions, and their team was always the 1st. During the last round full of fast problems, they got 8 out of 9 problems. We had good geeky fun discussing the Dune: House Atreides book I bought Sunday, then playing around with the classic Brain Twister pieces, then doing a puzzle at the back of Reader's Digest (find the capital city names in the sentences.)

Two interesting tidbits from today's Inquirer:
- Bullbars are allegedly useless! They hurt pedestrians and cause more damage to both parties by raising the area of damage to the headlights/tail-lights or a child's head.
- NT$ used to be 10 per P1. Now it's 1 NT$ per P1.70. And back then the columnist said Filipinos bought books there cheap, and brought their own toilet paper since theirs was too "abrasive". Now the Taiwanese learned from the cheap books, and sell quality products to the mayabang Filipinos who used to bring their own toilet paper.

Quite a number of greetings on my birthday. From entire BP of course, other people in Trend including Anuja and Josie, and friends. Thanks to all!


We were running a bit late by Wednesday, and Elita was concerned.about the build. She wanted a beta test Thursday. Meanwhile I was to deploy the build to production morning, so Anuja could start inputting, but I had technical problems. Gladys was sick. So had to finish her Jenny headline-selection thingy. Frankly I did get a bit defensive about the progress when Elita was asking about it. They wanted a beta test early morning Thursday. We set it at 10AM.

With Ranulf's help, got the application set up in production finally. We did get a build out, and Maui and Conrad were kind enough to stay late and do a thorough test to confirm we didn't have major show-stoppers. I worked well into the night to test further and configure the production environment for the beta test they wanted tomorrow.

I swore, wouldn't be caught alive on my birthday in the office but...


Monday and Tuesday were for trying to implement the additional Intranet requirements (logging of users and Jenny's fancy headline selection thingy.) This was really a good challenge with ASP.NET programming.

Content input was getting delayed, but we had to deliver a good build and have that tested. And was not able to help with the Halloween decor much.

Marose and company were busy Tuesday. They said perhaps next week. Oh well.

I told Gladys and Maui about my lolo. They were curious to say the least. So they decided we'll go to our house Tuesday. That didn't push through, and we went on a Tuesday instead.

So off we went to our house. Just had a drive-through meal from Jollibee. We had dinner out of the leftovers from the Sunday affair. Then they both had a palm reading from Lolo. Lolo was his affable God-fearing self (I feel that I am diminishing his personality by rendering this in English really. Such is introspective English -- witty, distant. Iba talaga yung Tagalog, kung magmura ka hindi siya "cute" talagang nagmumura ka. Tungkol kay Lolo: Siya ay isang taong tunay na sumasampalataya sa Diyos at nakagagawa ng mga kababalaghan hindi dahil siya ay nakapag-aral kundi dahil sa Maykapal.)

Anyway Lolo told them about their selves, and gave good advice. Huwag ma-pride, at marunong kayong umunawa, at huwag matigas ang ulo. At lagi niyong purihin ang Ama at magwika kayo: I LOVE JESUS, JESUS LOVES ME. Will not write individual predictions here though.

Maui had to go home early, on a 10PM taxi. Gladys stayed for a while to listen to a few more stories.

Lolo and I talked a while after, and when I asked him what do you think about my firends, he told me, you heard what you heard, and you have to make your own judgment. He's right.

Monday, October 27, 2003

All today Sunday!

Breakfast, quick shower, go to church.

Got to play with my cousin's son Dave, and toured him around the church and near the park while waiting for the baptism ceremony to start. Was fun watching him and Tinsel play in the garage area, chasing each other in bikes.

Nothing really spectacular with the baptism. Am sorry, but somehow the sacramental element was not really profoundly felt.

The baptism reception was, well, a lot of people, and fairly successful. Relatives, my sister's barkada, my mom's friends, etc.

Was a bit anti-social towards the end as Mark was teaching me to solve the Rubix cube (only now! The shame! Am Level 1 or something.)

Form a cross (usu. white)
Then form a solid face, with the 1st layer above it all correct
Do the A-C-A-B-C-B move to "swivel" cubes to the second layer in the correct places in 2nd layer
Do the Snake move to swap center pieces in the 3rd layer, until all the center pieces in the 3rd layer are correct
Use the Counter-clockwise move to form a cross on the top face
Then use the Waterfall or the Butterfly to move around the cubes on the 3rd layer
The final move: Double Snake

Dunno where he got these names, but they're cool! =)

I went to SM Bicutan to buy my own (the cube was my nephew's) but both National Bookstore and the department store didn't have one! I bought a birthday card, a copy of House Atreides (will read!) and a Brain Twister (4 yellow plastic pieces) to satisfy my mental craving. I got to solve all the combinations, save 1 which I will definitely contest with an appelate body if one exists to validate any claims and resolve disputes over Brain Twister solutions.

Then finally got to compose every ring tone I wanted to do.

Then emails, then this blog.

[BACKLOG 10/20-10/25]

Still moving along with the Intranet project. Still at the same camp in Zamboanga. All the major stuff is in place, even our own search engine, though the builds have been delayed, with Maureen calling in sick leave for about 1 1/2 days out of 5. Tsk tsk. I hope she's ok this week. Still some problems with the deployment process, and I have a considerable documentation backlog (all in release notes not yet synced with tech specs.)

Some raising of voices during the ISO meeting in the middle of the week, with one KPM metric really not making any mathematical sense. Amil says it was beginning to look Dilbert-ish.

Also got to meet on the Dev Forward Agenda. Hope this will be a good start. Am to chair meeting this week (Tuesday is my planned schedule.)

Romel gave an improptu fortune-telling session, involving the other person (in that session, it was Liz) writing his/her answers on pieces of paper, and Romel guessing those answers on pieces of paper. Really neat. Won't tell it in much detail here -- will take the magic out of it of course... =)

I slept at my bro's on Thursday. Got to meet with Sach Friday. Also got back in touch with Marose and Bernice through text. (While waiting at Paranaque City Hall for my voter's registration at that! Brilliant multitasking!) Scheduled get-together Tuesday or Wednesday.

He showed me his new Filipino-English Bible -- a really fine copy -- given to him by a middle-aged woman he met. He gave her a palm-reading once and told her about being given one more chance to marry. And so it happens, she's getting married in December. If my lolo gets 2 invitations he says he'll take me to the wedding. Should be an interesting experience... =)

He told me about another one of his dreams. He dreamt that while he was reading his Bible, a snake came up and went "into" his bible, in between the open pages. It vanished as it landed on the Bible. And the open passage is John 3:14 (where Jesus was being compared to the snake raised up by Moses in the desert.)

Being sceptical about it, it's likely that he's read the passage before, thus associating it with the snake beforehand. But then, you can be sceptical about all matters of faith really. Being a believer, it's really a sign from God reminding my lolo of something.

He also told me to look at Matthew 10:20 later, when he was telling me again about his several occasions of preaching.

Again another palm-reading. I will have one and a half (???) women in my life. And he says I might be tempted to do...something not decent. Well he says once he's told me I can avoid these things if I have faith in God. Who are the women in my life right now anyway... This deserves more reflection.

As of writing, my lolo is sleeping, but I just heard him talk in his sleep -- "I love Jesus, Jesus loves me."

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