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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

On time, and the site looks great.

Thank you
Doumo arigatou
Xie xie

To do: framework for all Intranet sites!
Disucssion forum!
Maybe Friendster-like service for Trenders (Trendster?)

Anyways, all up for discussion for Phase 1.1 and 2.

Now some catching up on sleep, and prepping up for ACM judging.
Monday, November 03, 2003

While my sister and the others were buying the Christmas tree decor, Mark bought me my own Rubix cube! He bought his own too. Actually I paid for both, he owes me P200. (So my blog's a ledger now.)

Mark: there are 2 common brands of Rubix cube locally:
- Magic Cube: The one we bought. Easier to handle, but stickers will eventually wear out
- The tough plastic one brought by Ryan last Sunday. but solid plastic faces

BTW re Xmas tree: Observation: our Nissan Sentra's rear compartment could just about fit the 7-foot box.

He taught me the X method which I have yet to memorize fully. Afterwards I taught my sister the original Layer method. I confess that I did get impatient with her on points when she didn't "get it". How can I expect to teach and lead people? Can't prop myself up with just technical skills. I notice sometimes I tend to be irate and defensive with Ate and my parents. This reaction has been around for quite a while. Mark also does it too. If I can't be more understanding with my own family I really can't say I've grown to be responsive to people even during times of difficulty.

Logged into Friendster. Am impressed with others' testimonials (cynical thought: maybe they just have more friends who log on to Friendster? not a productive thought), should really invite the old Pisay people a night out more often. =)

Lastly, finished Dune: House Atreides! Great authors, renewed respect for the Dune universe. Brilliant wheels-within-wheels plot.

Ack no time to touch up on the ACM problems. Will have time to cram tomorrow.


We're ready for the final build, out first thing Monday (today!) Hopefully that goes into QA well then push to production.

Re Halloween decor, didn't get to help clean up -- that was all done the day before!

Oct. 31 visit to Loyola Cemetery didn't push through due to heavy rains. Due to some miscommunication though my relatives ended up going while we didn't. We went on Sunday instead, just a short visit, a rosary prayer, and some reflections. Really have to be honest, not much. Sunday mass homily at Magallanes was about why we pray for the dead. We do, though to be really honest, I -- and I think others -- have doubts about it. Questions of does purgatory exist.

Why do we have to have a family reunion and chat and eat adobo, puto, arroz caldo and whatnot around a grave? I always thought of it as a gathering, made as if our departed are still there. (Rather creepy images of the dead being able to see you in the bathroom went through my mind right now. I would not be surprised if the thought doesn't occur to just about everyone.) Maureen and Gladys seem to have a different view about the November ritual. Also good to know their points of view.

While in camp, I talked to Maureen about funerals (being the season and all.) Anyway not free to disclose anything about her, but I personally would just want to expressly forbid mahjongg playing at my wake. I'll send my lawyer there to check and nobody who does so will receive anything from me. Also just whimsically contemplated about the possibility of a similar provision against texting, but then again SMS would probably not survive by then. Or it would be something only old people do (I mean GEN TXT would be around that age.)

-- o --

Saturday -- we went to the mall to buy a new Christmas Tree! We couldn't convince Tinsel to pick another color besides blue, but my Ate decided on purple. We spent a part of early evening setting the tree up. (Quite sophisticated, Christmas trees are nowadays. None of attaching branches, just folding out the leaves attached to stiff wire. Just needed to make the leaves stick out straight from the branches.) We also put the decor, and the ribbon (which my Mom took out the next day since it seemed too short.) All of this to the tune of my favorite Christmas CD, voices reincarnated seemingly from our old red casette tape from way back 10 years ago.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Jingle Bells
Where Did My Snowman Go?
Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

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