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Friday, November 14, 2003

Too bad I really couldn't get to help out with the "preparations". Best I can do is help her finish the project on time (v1.1). So she's free on the weekend. So just make best use of my time.

But then I'm blogging. Not really efficient use of is it. Can postpone this later. But, well thoughts may not be the same anymore. So better blog now especially because I might forget exactly what I'm thinking now.

Gladys has been a great teammate. I think she could probably get mad, I would understand that maybe sometimes she wouldn't like what she's been given -- I don't really communicate a "great vision" of our project yet, more of techniques, implement this, being a minor tactician Given that, she knows how to be professional with her work, doesn't complain loudly or sound out frustrations like I do sometimes. And well she really hasn't told me that she really wants to program or is very excited about coding, though she is happy when her works get done.

She's also been quite swell to talk with. A really good listener.

Heck not like we won't be talking after this. Probably less often, but there are ways.

Promise to blog more on this.
Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Sel replied to my kumusta email. Some changes in her life but she's OK, they're going to do their album once they're satisfied with the quality. I think she's doing fine.

Of note, she deleted her old blog, to "start anew". Blogs are after all memories, and I guess they go either way.
Monday, November 10, 2003

Had Sunday lunch as Daddy's blow-out party, at Causeway. "Who's coming?" I asked. Ate Tricia did a repetitive rather sweeping horizontal circular motion with her hands and I understood. =) Was really good food. Was semi-antisocial, though did get to talk to Raffy who's from IBM. He knows Dom.

Got a message from Maui G on Saturday that she sent me her dict file. Took a look at it, made a program in Java. Got to practice using Eclipse and review my Java and try out Java regexps (the shame!)

I wanted to buy Dune: House Harkonnen. Never got to this weekend, but lots of worthwhile things happened anyway.

Ho texted me in the morning if I wanted to meet up for lunch. So we did, in Glorietta, in this Thai restaurant near Oliver's.

So he told me what's happening at work. A little tech stuff, a little about his workplace, and about his friends, and his stay in Cebu, how it's such a nice place, and the shops there. He had to meet a friend also at 3PM, so I went along with him to Megamall. I heard more about Ho, a little about his friend (and my new friend) Jolly, about their family, and also Ho's family (his father manages a garment factory), about why people are like they are (ex. liking green jokes, being "mababaw" or deep, etc.) A very interesting conversation. Learned more from Ho about 2 coffee shops in Cebu. He may not have been the most sociable in college but certainly interesting and I can learn much from his experience also I think.

Meanwhile wanted to watch Matrix Revolutions. Wanted to invite Amil, Eric, and others, but only Eric could come. So we watched it at Megamall. It was OK I guess, effects were overwhelming as expected. We ate at Yoshinoya afterwards. Took the opportunity to ask more about Sacha, things that were on my mind. Also learned a lot about Eric's thoughts recently and how he feels good after the ACM and the coaching work and all he's been able to accomplish. I also learned Eric doesn't quite like being greeted on his birthday, and we had a mini-educational discussion on that topic too.

Also had a talk with Sach late night and got to tell her about Eric and what we've talked about and all I've learned about being friends throughout the day.

I promised would come early. Managed to arrive by 11AM, well not as early as hoped but still good. Helped out in the last-minute preparation (PRINCEOFWALES). I brought some chocolates. Dom brought suha, and some books for Sach.

Judging was slow-paced -- I got the primary and secondary assignments early on. Not much action. We just helped out checking, and some clarifications, and doing some tripping programming on the side. We watched clips from this really bloody film with Uma Thurman and Lucy Liu, and a clip of the original Shaider TV intro.

Mike reads Terry Pratcher. Not too familiar with him, but will make it a point to swap books with him.

There was a network problem which made things a bit exciting. Was eventually fixed. So the time ran out, and so we went to the coaches' briefing. Had to rejudge a submission for my Dominatrix (Problem H) due to misunderstanding on long filenames. Then it was a reunion photo for everyone -- Neil, Mario, Orland, Ana, just about everyone.

Then it was the awarding and the final dinner. Tokyo Inst of Tech won again. Ateneo Team "Wrong Input" with my bro got 5th, a pretty good showing. We tried to go around all the tables to talk to all the contestants, but ran out of time. We had an "autographed" problem set, and we took home balloons.

Afterwards, was bowling activity. Mark went to watch. I was quite inept. Have to practice really.

We took a taxi home, Mark, Ana, Sacha and me, and the balloons. We had a nice chat on what kind of training would be needed next time, what's going to happen to us as judges and contestants, etc. Got to tell family about what happened. Mark talked to me a lot about the training, including the "prime number" theory for Ateneo placings in ACM. Then it was time to sleep.

[BACKLOG 11/6/2003]

Mike was there when I got to UA&P. We went down for lunch, and we had an interesting discussion on:
- Why we make it a point to order different food though we don't share (evolution)
- Why can you eat a piece of plain banana whole while not with banana-cue (fruit variety)
- The origin of Nike (was ancient Greek thing rediscovered along with Olympics)
- Food synergy, taking of from Wednesday's delayed gratification discussion

Thursday was the dry run. Lots of problems especially with the compilers. We had a hacking session with Windows scripting, We had a quick pizza dinner while QA-ing our problems. I don't know why I made so many grammar mistakes in my problem set.

I brought out my Rubix cube. Was teaching JM. Vince happened to be very good with it.

I went home with Sach and we had a nice talk, and was able to sort out one important matter which I had on my mind for some time.

Got home, and got to help a bit with my Dad's birthday card -- just a gold cut-out outline star to finish off the effect. Ate Vanny already got the photo and cut-outs from Men's Health. Continued talk with Ate Tricia, this time about different computer ports (parallel, serial, USB, PS/2).

Lastly had to rewrite my problems a bit to get my test data for the finals. Did not want a botched job. I finished 3 AM.

[BACKLOG 11/5/2003]

On Wednesday, I had to go the office to conduct a meeting re urgent requirements for Intranet Phase 1.1 and 2. Was efficiently done, and I went over to UA&P to help out with ACM-ICPC.

There was a film showing of Terminator 3 which was prematurely "terminated". Arnold never came back. Afterwards, everyone was briefed on the ACM rules. I did a little stunt on the balcony of the auditorium by impersonating Hitler doing a parade review.

Vince Cruz assured all the delegates that we were "excellent" judges making the questions. My brother laughed at this! I have a very good impression about Vince; he seems to be firm about decision-making. Also met Bryce who was admin-ing PC Squared.

We had a quaint Hawaiian-themed party for the contestants. Costumes The
games were dangerously close to becoming an international incident ("DO...YOU...UNDERSTAND...ENGLISH?") but everyone was "game" and
it went on fine. It was a sack-race and limbo-rock hybrid, and
a hula-hoop act during the last part. Food was good though strangely too Italian.

Of note, we had an interesting discussion on delayed gratification, and how one progresses from it when it comes to eating food (doing the "rounds" like I do.)

Only me and Sach among the judges were present. Sacha got to watch the Matrix that night though (shucks). Did tag along going to Makati, and everyone met at Burger King. Didn't mind not getting to watch really. Had a nice talk with JM since we were not watching, and I went with him to the Park Square FX terminal.

Had talk with Ate Tricia re computer terms since she's been training. Tried to condense the different network cables, a basic idea of topology etc.

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