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Friday, November 21, 2003

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Thursday, November 20, 2003

[BACKLOG 2003/11/14-2003/11/15]

Before the memories fade...

I went to DLSU in the morning to attend their CS activities. I got to see Ranulf's talk -- similar to his talk in Ateneo, about Borland/Delphi stuff -- and also Jill, who just showed some nifty stuff on OS X particularly fast user switching.

Got also to see Anito demo and talk. Lead guy had resemblance to Eric. Graphics looked nice. I asked Ranulf to ask about the 3D engine for me.

Also got to talk to LJ, and some catching-up on some Academic.NET etc. We watched a part of the Anito demo together. LJ was kind enough to accompany me to the exit (might have gotten lost!)

Eric arrived a bit later (Ranulf texted me). Asked him if he wanted to see Anito, and he said don't remind me! Eric was coach for Clash of the Brains, which Ateneo won again for the Nth time.

Got back to the office around 1pm.


Rush rush coding for Intranet project. Had to release feature-complete build by end of the day.

We had a surprise party planned for Gladys. My script was to ask Gladys to accompany me to buy ice cream at Choice. But coding went on and on, and when she finally said, let's go, Mylene said not to bother. So I had to inexplicably go back to my desk and ask her to do the same, and really couldn't explain. Anyway, George just asked her to pick up something for Jason in Boracay, and so there, surprise!

It's really too bad, I couldn't even spare a lot of time to write a dedication. Just told her it was great working with her. I had to work so that she wouldn't have to spend a weekend in the office -- my small consolation.

Called up Sach and we got to talk a bit, helping me think about my event calendar feature implementation. Slept over at Mark's place, went back to office the next day for a couple of hours. I got the event calendar working more or less. Planned to release build first thing Monday.

About heat and effects on server farms
Wednesday, November 19, 2003

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