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Sunday, November 30, 2003
Cripple Mr. Onion

Got to finish the Discworld book. Was really taking up a lot of my time for the past week.

Dropped by Sach's place in the afternoon and got to play Careers. Got to meet Richi, and Cathy's friend from South Africa. Dom came from the Chinese Trade Fair with an interesting paper flower thingy. Learned backgammon and watched chess.

Sunday, had our very late Sunday lunch. Some catching up with Mark. They decided to drop the collaboration idea we had for the Imagine Cup. He bought a device he needed for the project they decided upon. He's working with Charles Yeung and another Atenean. He attended the ABS-CBN F4 concert with Apple. Spent 5K (!!!) on it.

I finished House Harkonnen. Then had a good nap (still have some sleep debt apparently.) Lolo invited me to go with him to attend the wedding of his acquaintance who gave her a Bible. It was a veritable Chinese wedding invitation. First time I've seen anything of the kind.

Sach agreed to come to the Trend Christmas party. Great!

Based on sampatree97 mailing list, lots of people already excited about the party. To-do: confirm date, then prepare food, games, etc. =)

Have UML book to lead me to sleep. Hehe.


[BACKLOG 2003/11/24-2003/11/28]

First point of order on Monday was discussion on ODTS. I helped Ico come up with an estimate and required skills for updating the software.

More programming and bug fixing for Intranet v1.1. Also troubleshooting of configurations, and localization updates. I managed to resolve or push for de-prioritization all of my P1-P2 bugs this week.

I managed to come up with my C# coding standards, and did some more research on C# refactoring and code standards tools.Also found interesting articles on C#, including a DAL article and Rainbow CMS. On Friday Amil was also able to find a style checker for SQL Server. Neat!

In-joke: "Jerome, may ipapakita ako sa 'yo..."

Wednesday was a holiday. I spent it sleeping, and trying out some .NET stuff. I got to watch Looney Tunes: Back In Action with Dom, Sach, and Martin.

Friday was insane. Amil and I invited Eric for a movie. There happened to be a faculty lounge party. Sir Crisostomo invited me to drink. Had to decline though. I met Fanny and asked her about Chinese lessons, as a favor for Maureen.

Watched Looney Tunes again. Then had a great time at Timezone. Got to try a rafting arcade game, and we played Daytona. Sach was (and still is) gloating about her discovery of the turbo button. Eric's really great with that percussion arcade game.

It was late, and so we stayed at Sach's place, chatting, until 5AM. I realized it was too early to get home, so we took a cab to Boni, and ate and chatted at Wendy's until 7AM. Then had a very long sleep.


* ODTS could have been quite better. More refactoring, considering that the project dragged along for quite some time anyway.
* Can help out a lot in researching more dev tools and standards. Part of move up skills ladder to architecting.
* Should have more insane Fridays probably. =)


[BACKLOG 2003/11/22-2003/11/23]

Was quite an eventful Saturday. I decided to met up with Bernice and Marose for lunch. I met them at National Bookstore at Megamall, and we had lunch at Pizza Hut. I also met Jae who I haven't seen in quite a while. We didn't get to become classmates in Pisay, but we managed to talk quite a lot about work (he works in Canon.) He also mentioned going quite often to Fitness First. Bernice is teaching Math, and Marose is studying Biology, both of them in UPLB. Lots of Friendster quips. I asked Marose to finish our Lag-Man comics. Neil joined us, and also had catching up with Marose and Bernice.

I met the ACM people at Komorosoba. I also got to see Sel who happened to be in the area. We had bowling at SM Megamall. Bowling was great. I still got a lousy score though everyone was very supportive about it. Must practice consistent bowl (steady arm, don't twist wrist, aim). Chipi and Mike were good. Neil took bowling as his P.E. before and also did quite well.

Mike lent me a great book -- Witches Trilogy by Terry Pratchett, set in the Discworld universe. Fascinating and witty writing. I lent him Sputnik Sweetheart in return.

I went home with Sach, and took her to Glorietta to meet her Dad. Afterwards, wen to Goodwill and got to buy Dune: House Harkonnen. Got my mom her Biguerlai tea, making for a successful albeit easy errand. Very fulfilling Saturday.

We had our usual Sunday family lunch after Mass. Most of Sunday was spent reading the Discworld book. I had a morning chat with Sach, about plans, and interestingly, had a similar conversation with LJ that evening. She wants to be a developer evangelist like Stan. She says she'll probably go back to Taiwan after college. I believe she can do what she sets her mind to; she's smart and talented. I proposed dinner some time, with Ranulf and Eric and also her classmates, so I could get to meet more Lasallians.

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