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Friday, December 12, 2003

I'm moving my tech stuff insights to my theSpoke blog. It has a more specific community feel to it (in terms of being interested in computers.)
Tuesday, December 09, 2003

[BACKLOG 2003/12/1-2003/12/5]

Had my Sun OO Design Methodology in UML course (put in course number here later). Was great! Had lots of new insights, and a new respect for UML (like what really those Use Case drawings are good for as part of development) The thing here is that it fits in a continuous process.

Alvin works in what was formerly Nextel. (I forgot the name now, regrettably. Will look it up.) Jonjon and Pia are formerly from P&G, now HP. Kats works in HP.

Work hours in HP are cool. No work hours, just do your job. They get to watch movfies in the afternoons sometimesP&G is similar. Though sometimes people there work up to 5 AM.

P&G does mostly PM work. Dev is in Poland. They outsourced a project to Cyber-J. They do the QA part too. Alivin does work in all of the roles, using Oracle-based solutions. We're kind of fortunate to have a QA group.

Kats mentions about a 7-day diet she was taking.

Kats says P&Gers cannot have relationships with people from Unilever. Enforced through some legal thing. Interesting.

Food in Philam was OK. A bit expensive though. Elevators, compared to what we have in IBM, were outstanding.

Thursday was surreal. There was a fire drill. We went to Enterprise for a "mini-gimik" (sort of what we're after when we go to Choice in Eastwood.)

Use Case book (from Shana, not from Sun) is very good, not yet done reading though. Techniques for interviews, workshops. Am trying to see now what is realistically applicable to Trend, initially.

Architect-like thoughts are being counterbalanced by anti-Architect rants, and judicious distributed architectures and DataSets (you don't need Domain objects always.)

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