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Friday, January 02, 2004

[BACKLOG 2003/12/31-2004/1/1]

Read part of "Rape of Nanking". Pretty grisly, but I like a good researched history book, especially Asian history. Pack things. Check email, email out cancelled Dec. 31 meet. Quick chat on the phone. Off to Tagaytay.

Nice to see Chloe, Ryan, Aleck and other kids again. They're all walking now! Nice merienda outside besides my Tita's vacation house.

Played billiards with Mark and Enan (am really not good, but I think the practice helped a bit.)

Rushed down to join the annual New Year parlor games. Was a bit tedious, mostly "Tama or Mali". I joined a few rounds. I can't believe that I was fooled with "Ang tsokolate ay galling sa puno ng 'cocoa'". They also had rounds of "palayok" which I didn't get to see.

Mark and I played billiards again, and then we played Scrabble. I had a comfortable lead until I made a fatal mistake allowing him to get a T.W.S. Then it was past 11:30, so we went down for the fireworks.

Was pretty good show in Tagaytay even though a bit sparse. We all greeted each other as the clock struck 12. Called a few friends to greet them a Happy New Year and that was quite nice.

We finished our Scrabble game. I won though it was close. Mark then joined the traditional bingo games (finishing the remaining prizes) and I gravitated towards the videoke. Stayed there singing until 5 AM(?) then slept.


[BACKLOG 2003/12/30]

Am supposed to go to doctor this day. Dad kind enough to bring me for check-up at Mom's office. Had nice time with the doctor, and he and my Dad got to swap stories on tennis and drinking stories. Had some X-rays.

Volunteered to accompany Mark to the National Museum (what the heck, that'll be something I haven't done for a while.) We got in after a group of Chinese(?) tourists. We paid the student price, which I discovered later.

What the National Museum Philippine history seemed to be very rich, pottery. I found a very interesting exhibit on the Mangyans. They have 2 of only 4 surviving non-Latin scripts used in the Philippines, Buhid and Hanunoo, which happen to be related to Sanskrit. Am a linguistics freak. :-)

Also discovered more about 17th century Spanish cannons (they used 11 (or 12?) grades, the smaller cannons using metal balls, while the larger ones used stone ammo.) There were arquebuses, and a Japanese sword from the San Diego -- evidence of Japanese mercenaries on board.

Tried to talk to lady to give my P70 extra change. She says she punched in the payment already, so -- well we just exchanged season's greetings.

On the way back Mark asked "How do jeepney routes get established?" Will ask.

We ate at Cindy's beside Luneta. Was really good. I had barbeque and chicken, and he had tempura and that was really filling for him. Free soup and good rice. Good thing we had a little food adventure there (not too adventurous but at least going out of our way a bit.) We both took the LRT and then the MRT. Gave him a copy of Libre just in case it rained (for his head.)

Went to Maxicare office in Makati Med. Check-up turned out OK. Bought medicine then went home, but not without passing by Goodwill first and buying "Legacy" by Greg Bear, (says "prequel to 'Eon'" on cover) slightly stained, hardbound, only P100!

As a matter of conscience, went to Sun Valley Church to donate extra P70. Was closed though.

Worked on confirming (the cancellation of) the ISC-PH meet on Dec. 31. Some more studying of Prolog, not much time though.


[BACKLOG 2003/12/29]

I watched "Crying Ladies" in Megamall. Brilliant! Now have to watch "Darna and the Giants".

I played arcade at Worlds of Fun at Mega basement for a while. Better at arcade basketball now (39).

I rushed to Greenbelt 3. Met Ho and Paul and what I like to call the Bath Shower Fountain. Paul gave me a Sandman postcard. We talked about Paul's dad's plans for a database application for his new business.

We had dinner with Paul, Ho, Quark Henares, Ramon, and a number of other friends. Quite an interesting evening. We talked about movies of course. Some stuff:
- About Ramon's role in the original Captain Barbell script
- PinoyCentral local entertainment discussion forum
- Quark's film class (he showed Eraserhead which is supposed to be a movie where lots went wrong)
- Punch Drunk Love is good movie
- About colorizing film, which involves dials and trackballs. Cool.

We watched Captain Barbell. Was really awful. We started laughing inappropriately a third into the movie. There's suspension of disbelief, but the crappiness of the movie in general taunted us to make fun of the effects, clich├ęs, etc.

Quark was kind enough to bring Paul and me home (well to Bicutan at least.) Quark won't be at Paul's despedida though since he'll be out of town.


[BACKLOG 2003/12/29]

I met Tito Jun at McDo Q. Ave. Met Ian, Tito's developer. We also got to meet with a rep for VetCare, who demo-ed their software to us. Quite impressive. Ian and I discussed it a bit about our thoughts on the app. Found out Ian comes from Lucena, Quezon.

Ian showed me the magazine "Animal Scene", where my Tito's company, Plaridel advertises, and where he used to write a column. Quite interesting. Some features:

- About the St. Bernard breed (characteristics, etc.)
- Trivia about cocks: "misas de gallo" actually means masses of the cock; Greeks and Romans used to reckon night time as follows: midnight, cockcrow (3-4 AM), silence, dawn.
- Collection of "Why the Chicken Crossed The Road" answers (from

Nice lunch at Hap Chan. Finalized my consulting work with my uncle after a short amicable chat. I heard from him that he takes inspiration from my Dad who worked to become one of the first in the Punzalan clan to become a professional, and that makes me proud of him.

Wandered in National Bookstore in Q. Ave for a while, then decided to catch a Filmfest movie.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Crying Ladies -- really really good! Never a dull moment. We can do great international-quality films, and this is one of them! Funny, witty, great acting. And am not being paid to endorse it! I have heard it being compared to a French film.

Captain Barbell -- you don't have to watch this. The plot has numerous loopholes, dragging at times, the sequencing is nonsensical at several points. Acting was bearable, and the effects were kind of cool -- if only they were able to contribute to the plot more. As it was, the flimsiness of the plot only goaded us to scrutiinize the special effects.

[BACKLOG 2003/12/28]

Lunch at Pizza Hut in Park Square I with family. It was kind of irritating somehow, the late afternoon, the feeling that we're eating here at Pizza Hut again, with the same pizza (Super Supreme). A little excursion with Mark into Glorietta, for a notebook and pencil, and Internet prepaid card.

Got to jog again around the park and the subdivision. Tinkered with programming P#. Prepared for Monday meet, reviewing OO analysis and design.

A nice relaxing day, some Sunday reflections, and some regrets, and some resolutions, learning and reviewing some techie stuff. Not bad.

[BACKLOG 2003/12/27]

Had lunch with Ho, Eric, Sach and Mario at Sbarro's. Ho spent his Christmas in an outreach activity with Tala Leprosarium, which is quite touching. Was hoping to be able to join in with their group on at least some activities, except that he says they're mostly Korean... :-/

Ack not too good even with arcade basketball (21). Must improve.

Attended party at Serg's Cafe. Very interesting and got to meet a number of cool dudes. Had to go to another party so left early. Interesting stuff from the party:

- Zope -- application server based on Python
- OpenOffice -- checked out feature list; will recommend it to my Tito
- -- assign DNS to dynamic IP, great with personal server hosted through DSL or similar
- Patent vs. copyright

Dinner at Ninong Roy's. Interesting conversations with Poyo, Jun, May, etc. Some innuendo, light banter. Sang at Videoke, and got highest score singing "I Have a Dream" by Abba (98).

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