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Friday, January 09, 2004

India's Walking Dead
Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Interesting article on doppleganger psychology (from Dom)

Maids. Orson's household. Salaries, benefits
Romel's green jokes again, and Romel vs. Ico
Durian, strawberries
Mymy's birthday!
About feminine hygiene commercials going too far
About proposed equally controversial and jokes (walang himulmol!)
Sunday, January 04, 2004

We had Mass at Sanctuario. And we had a great lunch at Causeway. I had some discussion with Mark on the car on Imagine Cup app architecture, API's, etc. The usual Sunday music from my Dad's car stereo, tuned in to RJ100.

Finished Legacy. A bit saddening, a sense of loss, one feels that there wasn't really much of a "legacy" ironically, but good overall.

Some more reading on Prolog, way much work to do.

Dreams of integrated site for publishing thoughts, blogs, essays, and whatnot. Helped dad with SEC registered name query.

Pursuing Mark's idle question, asked Jolly about jeepney routes. She says I should look for info from LTFRB, not LTO.

Some reflections and a bit of prayer.


Lord, the days you give
Give strength, may more days prosper
Live, and serve, the good

[BACKLOG 2004/1/3]

Went to Kublais in Katipunan. Helped out Mark and LJ brainstorm again. Got to see Charles and Erwin. Concern was about the "smartness" of the smart agent. Got to exercise some organization skills and help them deliberate and distill the ideas, and I felt glad to help out.

Attended Katkat's party for Ethan his son. Only Eric and I were there among her blockmates. Katkat was a bit diffident, though I guess she's still somewhat shy with us. I got to see Ethan, a healthy boy just learning to walk.

It was on a promenade area in Katkat's condo at President's Tower along Timog. Nice view of Cubao and Ortigas in the distance, with the Quezon Circle monument to the extreme left. An inspiring talk from the chaplain(?) for the baptismal rites. Had difficulty with Eric's camera. Great convivial birthday food (had 3 yema balls myself.) Nice blue candle sitting bear souvenir.

I got to meet his brother KC who taught at the Ateneo what Eric's teaching now, though the technology's different nowm and saw her sister who's taking Eric's class. They're all CS! Had to rush to Makati. Left my note for Ethan and a personal letter (one of the very few I've given.)

Went to Makati and met with Amil and Ho near Ayala MRT. Was quite impressed with the blind men band playing tunes there. A foreigner beside me was similarly pleased and gave what seemed to be a generous donation.

We took an FX to SM Southmall. Cost P40 each. Which is why I don't take the FX to go south. Was pretty comfortable, admittedly.

We tried to take a taxi from Southmall, but was way too expensive (P150). So we took a jeep to Town Center and went in the commuter way.

Some amusing conversations on the way there:
- Jollibee, restrooms, ice, pineapple juice
- Neo vs. bird droppings instead of bullets
- In Cebu, you don't say "Para" you say "Sa lugar"

Had sumptuous meal, with 3 choices of rich meat dishes. Pau was there, caught up on who's where now. Nes is in POEA as an instructor. Pau's now doing web design for the Comm department in Ateneo, and looks interested in pursuing a culinary career. Quark and Lia (spelling?) and Ramon and others were there. Trivia: Nikki's HR company trained Pam Granados.

We played Taboo. Great were Paul, Nikki (she owned the set), and Don (spelling?) who was a great theater guy. Ramon used mostly movie references. Amil described "lint" as the C program cleanup tool. Had some moments of brilliance with answering ("chopsticks", "grandfather clock") and playing ("Java").

Got to talk with Don, who I initially mistook for the actor from the UP Singing Ambassadors concert, to Paul's mom, and J.P his brother.

Paul's elder bro Francis was kind enough to take us out to Madrigal, and we hitched a ride with Ramon. Listened to this hilarious comedy track by Lewis Black (NSync, Starbucks across a Starbucks).


Teacher yet student
Throw paper planes at self
To read them out loud

* * *

Trees grow and reach out
Forsaken on lone field not
Share others' branches

* * *

Hah! quick wittiness
Splendid skills, strengths, each all-wise
Learned revelry!


[BACKLOG 2004/1/2]

I headed for Q.C. to meet Sampa people. Turns out only Dottie and Sel could make it. Ina was sick (Happy New Year anyway!) I met them at Entré restaurant, across Amoranto Stadium on Roces. Had some difficulty finding it since it wasn't exactly across Amoranto, had to ask around a bit and walk a little.

I saw Sel sitting on the parking area. It was closed, and she didn't have a cellphone to call. Aw. We waited for Dots who was wearing a very Christmas-y shirt and baggy pants.

We ate at Off The Grill along Morato. Was really empty. Had some of the usual menu pickings, with tuna kilawin classifying as semi-adventurous. San Mig Light for me, konting pakisama. :-) Some Paolo Santos songs, Parokya (?) with someone playing with the sound key, and sometimes feedback. But was a decent backdrop for a great conversation:
- Paolo Santos is over-hyped. Sel had a gig where Paolo Santos got to sing 6 songs to 3
- Dots knows Tether, the guy in the Mister Donut commercial with Miriam Quiambao.
- Dots' office gossip
- Dots and gay guys and work
- Sel's band is about to make a new recording, full album now instead of EP
- Mr. Kebab and Behruz for good Persian cuisine in Roces/Timog area

I was telling them about Tinsel's costume, with the green body suit and the sepals on the collar, and we were all laughing because we all knew what sepals were. :-)

Had to leave for Megamall and we left at 2PM. Took a cab with them to GMA Kamuning MRT.

Met with Ho and Jolly at Powerbooks, and had an engaging talk at Figaro.
- Politics (Roco vs. GMA, vs. FPJ)
- About Romel and politics
- PDAs
- Ho's 2003 was good. He needs to work on his degree and work abroad though because of military service
- Ho and Nats
- Jolly is doing fine with her studies. She'll be taking law after undergrad
- Singapore economics according to Ho: only a few really go to college, about 20% and make 80% of the island\s wealth. Again 80/20 principle at work
- Jolly's dad is with LTO
- Dumaguete is nice and Ho would like to visit sometime. There's supposed to be a nice literature workshop there

Bought gift wrapper for Katkat's son Ethan's birthday and baptism. Got a nice one which.the cash register belatedly told me was for weddings (sure enough I looked closely and there were was "Marriage" in large if not-obvious script. Bought balloon theme wrapper. Bought steno and pad for miscellaneous scribblings,

Wrapped gift. I'm proud of my wrapping. And I'm happy because it is such a loving activity, wrapping a gift for someone.

I helped Yaya use our household 5110. Glad to help! :-)


Lunch, like old, like school
We laugh at minutiae
At idle facts shared

* * *

Diffidence, a smile
Warm over cofee, that's how
The cookie crumbles


[BACKLOG 2004/1/1]

Ah, just reading Legacy. Headed for home at 3PM, in time for New Year mass. I managed to drop my P70 in the box. :-)


Another New Year
The same, yet am more alive
Conscience in progress

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