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Tuesday, January 20, 2004


I find that I inspire people more genuinely when I am (1) knowledgeable about my field, (2) I am excited at what I do, and (3) I can genuinely show people that things are really simple, and we all just want to learn more things and are the same in this regard, our current skills and knowledge notwithstanding.



Geeks like to learn stuff. They know that knowledge is power.

I seek to learn about lots of things. Economics, history, science, politics, computers. They help me cope with the world, and also just for the heck of it -- it's a pastime, a hobby, a passion. I also like to learn from friends, family, surreal experiences. They are also like the academic subjects I like -- I feel they are positive influence and they're fun to know too at the same time. It's a kind of geeking out too. Attention to detail, reflecting, analyzing, and being happily engaged doing so.

It's an adventure to learn new things, to learn good things, to practice them, to share them with others. Goodness and geekiness are very much compatible.

God can be such an ungeekable concept. All-knowing, cannot be fully comprehended, analyzed, etc. But then the universe and life are also really too big to be grasped in a lifetime, and the multitude of Homo sapiens (and related species) inhabiting this Earth will surely know more than me. It's really about attitude. I can know more, discover more. And I can try to understand God and goodness more. And share these 2 kinds of knowledge with others in the same breath.

The Bible is an eminently geekable tome. Historical references, Latin, history of the Synoptics. At the same time you can read it on another level and geek out on important life realizations and reflections made by the Bible characters (or the Jewish authors who concocted them, depending on your religiosity/cynicism index at the time.) A nice reflection.



I told myself to write haikus. Then I wanted to write something more meaningful. That's what this blog is anyway, an exercise in meaningful thoughts.

I guess helping others is sometimes more important than haikus. Though sometimes the haikus are important too. Behind it is the succint realization about things, the exercise that goes into reflecting and saying something as short as a haiku is also important. To put it concisely, sometimes you have to help others, sometimes you have to reflect on WHY you are helping others.


Mother, I'll help you
Cross the bridge. Then sit with me
Watching the lilies


[BACKLOG 2004/1/11]

3 things this day:

1) Very inspiring homily at Sun Valley Church. Key points:
- It is an adventure to be good
2) Talked to Lolo and asked him about friendship:
- Ang tunay na pagkakaibigan ay di lamang sa kuwdradong mesa. Ito ay sa gawa.
3) Memorized "I Will Sing Forever Of Your Love"

* * *

I've never been to EK! Had great fun with Tinsel tagging along. Lolo also went with us. Realto wasn't too good.

We all rode the carousel, just enjoyed ourselves with our kid in tow. Notably, had nice chat with Dad about Ferris Wheels when we were riding -- where else? He calculated the height to about 8 stories, told us about the contraptions during his day.

Lots of eating. The lines, of course. And the expense, but Mark was paying -- much belated katas ng Wireless Challenge!

My conclusion is, I guess I had high expectations, but appreciating it at face value, it's quite a fun place when you're a child, and for those who are children at heart.

Monday, January 19, 2004

[BACKLOG 2004/1/10]

Went early Saturday to Ateneo to help Eric measure Faura (!). I helped measure the stairs, and the doors and walls on the right wing. Bought a tape measure just for it.

Played Mark's highly addictive Rocket Mania in the apartment. Also practiced ASP.NET Web services.

Watched LOTR in the evening with them together with Dom.

Phil Star Movie Ad Spoof:

Jerome: Do you read the Philippine Star?
Dom: NO

Programmers don't eat quiches

[BACKLOG 2004/1/5-2004/1/9]

We finished the first version of email notification for Intranet. Fixes on searching, calendar. Also started research on event logging and Web services, and released employee awards redesign (finally!)

I got to see Mar, and my CS blockmates after a long time. We had catching up conversations during dinner at Burgoo, then at Cafe Breton. Mar is teaching English part-time, and she's doing well. Joey is with Ramon Magsaysay Awards Foundation. Fay is now with a multimedia affiliate of GMA, and Benj is part of a new IT training center business.

Met Eric and Sach on Thursday, for coffee, chat on insights over the vacation.

Friday was Deo's last day. We watched LOTR: ROTK, and that was loads of fun. Eastwood theater was pretty good. Deo was an excellent, hard worker, good leadership in the team, though some arguably hard times during Applix (well it was hard for all of us during that death march.) Got to see Gladys again.

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