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Thursday, January 29, 2004

[BACKLOG 2004/1/25]

Had mass at Sun Valley Church. More fun with camera. Got to try videos which Tinsel liked very much.

[BACKLOG 2004/1/24]

At last it happens!!! Only 6 people could make it though:


Thanks to all for coming!

Thanks also to Mommy and household, for preparing special pancit bihon, and pork fat barbecue (with a nice barbecue grill outside!)

We had nice updates from each other -- how's school, work, plans etc. Also, other people's ridiculous (-ly high, -ly low) salaries, Pisay, UP, frats, other batchmates.

Dottie and company left for Paul's place. It's good they had a great time there too, as I heard from Dots.

[BACKLOG 2004/1/24]

My most glorious image gallery yet! Went early to Ateneo to get really nice pictures.

Got to help check CS papers, and go with Eric and Sacha to Makati. Bought snacks for major party.

[BACKLOG 2004/1/19-2004/1/23]

Hah, camera helps a lot in backlogged blogs!

Monday: Watched Killbill (cool action, "bitin" plot though) with Amil, Eric and Sacha, and eat at Wendy's in G4. Nice chat with Amil on music (Paolo Santos, his friend who's with a band; me sharing about Sel's gigs).

Tuesday: Hi-Comm. Mark's awarding for XChallenge 3. Hey he got only 3rd place! =) Got to meet Andre though. It's still a decent 75K!

Wednesday: Got to meet Meriben! He's here for his father's wake :-(. He's staying somewhere in T. Morato. Still no plans to go back here. Doing freelance work for now, but mostly just relaxing. Also had UP Career Talk (was part of "hakot" crowd). Nice discussion with Ambo on possibilities to help out

Thursday: Went out for lunch at KFC (they left me there and went for Pizza Hut!), toured Booktopia at Intrepid place, major nighttime tripping walk in Ayala area for more pics. Finally had our tech share on UML.

Friday: Dinner at Pho Hoa, and watched Last Samurai with Amil and Eric (was ok, good fight scenes, kind of dragging though in some parts) in Eastwood.

On project news, Joyce joined our team as Mau's QA partner. (This or last week? Have to verify)

Flexwiki content's shaping up, thanks to me and Amil (humility aside though).
Got to talk to Pam about helping out with academe stuff.

Slept over at Mark's place for big Saturday ahead.

[BACKLOG 2004/1/18]

Arrived in the morning (just after the sci-fi con! Shucks!) Anyway, got to play with it. Tried it out in Gesu, our Causeway lunch, even in a trip to the park just to test out different lighting conditions and manual functions.

[BACKLOG 2004/1/17]

See my theSpoke blog :-)

The manual camera really let me down. Couldn't wait for my digicam.

More details -- actually got invited to watch LOTR again! Though costume was well-apt, had to decline since it was a family affair (somewhat OP).

[BACKLOG 2004/1/12-2004/1/16]

I got to help Maui get a cab on Monday. I also got to help Sanjay with the job interview.

Major tripping with "nakakapagpapabagabag" -- I managed to compose a plethora of Tagalog tongue-twisters! (They have a lot of a's and repeating consonant sounds, e.g. "pinagpapak-papakang pak-pak".)

Met Cha, Russell(e) and other students, help out on upcoming contest. I could help on organizational planning, I think. Got to see the new part of Eastwood for the first time -- where Starbucks is.

Intranet project is still quite light. More bug fixes, email notification, etc. Organized research efforts into Project Hurricane and Flexwiki. Eventually opted for Flexwiki as official BP-PH dev tool.

Got to meet Maui G, and get a CD and hard-copy of Gabbydictionary! It's an honor! Almost lost the CD; was quite embarrassing. Was very nice of her to treat me to Tokyo Tokyo.

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