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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

[BACKLOG 2004/2/8]

Sunday morning: treated him to sumptuous Dunkin Donut breakfast of croissant sandwiches, coffee, and a donut. We talked about Web Services/SOAP, JITSE, dynamic programming and our preferred donut varieties (er, a logical topic choice given the context). We also discussed and our homepages and how we implemented them. Mark had a problem with his IFRAME implementation, I proposed a solution and we went back to the apartment and tried it out. Worked great!

He also mentioned his "" domain, something I might want to look at as well.

Then it was time for mass to Della Strada. Then off to Tita Baby's for the fiesta there.

Briefly: a BP outing that actually pushed through!

Got to meet Gladys. Lots of eating at Blue Bay, then hanging out at Baywalk.

- Lots and lots of pictures! (Maui, me and Gladys all had Ixus II’s).
- Maui freaked out at one of the clowns.
- Those hobos pretending to be statues almost got me.
- Gladys was kind enough to bring me to my house, just like old times.

[BACKLOG 2004/2/2-2004/2/6]

Monday: Started on the VE migration tool (codename Hejira). I wanted a cool name related to migration, Exodus was too "gasgas". So Hejira it is -- a nice Arabic synonym.

Tuesday: Lunch at Pho hoa
We also had our dev meeting where we got to see Shana's excellent CRD and tech docs (made by RyanV)

Wednesday: Finished Dune 2: Machine Crusade. A bit long-winded, but had the proper suspense and plot twists at the right places. You get a feeling though that this is definitely a "middle" book of a trilogy (which it is). Very much like The Two Towers.

We had a sharing of music trivia during lunch at Fazoli's. I recalled this Japanese song that had several versions way back early '90's, even a Filipino rendition.

Thursday: Lunch out with Mau and Mike, treated them to. Got to give a little reflection on teamwork, and told them to make good use of the relatively light load in Intranet project. Get a certification or similar. Then we discussed certifications and our plans.

Friday: An interesting lunch out at Pinoydon, with Romel in fine form with his aggressive bantering. Target was Joyce, who was too shy to say a word! You got to admire Romel though, if he didn't decide on paying we wouldn't have gotten to pay -- so many 500-peso bills, you know how it is with a group bill. :-P


I have more reflections on how to lead.
1) Lead by being quick and firm on decisions, without being rash of course
2) Lead by learning to delegate properly, with clear directions, but not too imposing. Make communication open and there shouldn't be a problem
3) Lead by learning more about your team members, empathize more

[BACKLOG 2004/2/6-2004/2/7]

I have been working on the VE-CMS payload info XHTML editor and the required changes to my Hejira migration tool. Was up to it on Friday, and I was quite in the zone. I really wanted to finish it, but the balanced-personality part of me prevailed and I went with the others to our Pantalan gimik. For a while though I couldn't get that out of my mind. It's really like that haven't a program. Not dissimilar to improperly turning off one's computer -- lot's of cache files lying around.

I had a rather serious discussion with Jason on the way to Manila.on the current direction and strategy of BP. Some insights, some learnings, a reality check of sorts. For me, just focus on what I'm doing, hope to make the technical side of things optimal.

I went back Saturday to finish my work. Unfortunately, the export system still had some performance/reliability issues, the payload editor just didn't quite work when hooked up with the CMS API, etc. Stayed until early evening. Then I helped Mylene with her project.which required dynamic population of drop-downs wholly from client-side data. After a couple of thrown-away designs, I came up with some structures based on Javascript arrays. Made it nice with developer comments and special handling of "All" selections to optimally use client data.

By this time it was pretty late, so stayed at Mark's place. He was having this problem with a program which required backdating the system to run properly. So got to teach him WSH and VBS -- hah he's a virus script kiddie now! -- and got the thing to backdate the system, run the program, sleep for a while, then set the date back. Then we geeked out on it, made the script accept arguments, and print out command-prompt usage when no args were supplied. Neat! Turns out there was another program which needed similar treatment, and we got to use our script on that. Then we had a small deliberation on the optimal foolproof backdating and date restoration algorithm. What the heck!

Maybe I'm a bit of a sucker for accepting extra work at the office. But really, I enjoy hacking at a good programming problem and coming up with an elegant solution. I just have to focus on where it can be most beneficial at work or in my free time and volunteer work.

[BACKLOG 2004/1/26-2004/1/30]

Wednesday: I accompanied Sacha to a student's congress held in Marikina. Quite interesting. I got to meet Tessie from DLSU and she's into AI and Semantic Web, stuff I'm also quite interested in. I also have contacts

Had quick lunch of salad from Food for Thought. I met up with Fritz and had seafood rice at S.R. Thai. She told me about ongoing French lessons, might look into that.

I then went to Sel's work place at UP Bahay ng Alumni. Pretty nice, spacious workplace. We had a nice chat over a dessert sampler at Chocolate Kiss.

Met up with Orland and Neil. Neil was checking MP's in Java using Cygwin. Helped him with the JDK version conflict stuff (Swing incompatibility.) Talked with Orland, got an update about his thesis.

Then met up with Dottie, just had a short chat with her. Too bad didn't get to meet her officemates or see her office, but at least I know how to get there.

Friday: met up with Eric and Sacha, at Glorietta. Usual games. :-) Got to try Ice Monster, avocado mix.Yum!

Also this week: Helped Ian with his interview about how Ateneo helped me an alumnus at work, etc. Also talked with him re possible co-presentation on .NET in different schools. Dev team also got to fruitfully deliberate on TSD format. Neat! We hope to follow-through on our notable if modest successes.

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