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Thursday, February 26, 2004

[BACKLOG 2004/2/14]

Met up with LJ, helped her with the computational linguistics stuff for Imagine Cup.
We met up with Erwin and Danny. I had an interesting discussion with Danny on Web services, which he's planning to take up for a thesis.

Then helped LJ look for a video. If only "Sophie's World" was made into a movie...


Spent midnight to early morning on my Gabbydictionary migration project. Fun with Java Eclipse and regexps.

[BACKLOG 2004/2/9-2004/2/13]

A revival of my 日本語の勉強. Conducted review lessons for Julie. Got to talk with Rael who's pretty proficient with Japanese, she helped me by lending her Nihongo no Kiso book. We had the interview on Friday with Aiko Watanabe.

Also, continuing help for VE-CMS, and bug fixing, and my slides for the .NET presentation at FEU-FERN.


[BACKLOG 2004/2/12-2004/2/13]

Finally pushed through! Went with the Academic.NET presentation at FEU-FERN. I had fun with my slides, using my stock pics. Fumbled a bit with the laptop, but was OK. More demos in my next presentation perhaps.

Interesting note: one student asked Mark if he knew Sacha. It's a small world really.

Afterward we had a talk with Vic Vargas who's head of the IT group there.

We had a lot of .NET jokes (yep that's possible) such as Web services in humps, and "Intelliject" technology in Ian's car.

Stan treated us to pizza at Yellow Cab. Some Microsoft insider stuff, and weird facts like Stan's the king of Space Cadet Pinball.

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