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Monday, March 22, 2004

[BACKLOG 2004/2/24]

Lured by the prospect of good pics, I went with my sis to visit her "ampon" Rachel and her son at Children's Hospital. They asked me to leave my camera at the entrance! But anyway...

Finally! Four years of studying almost next door and never getting to go inside! It was a very nice hospital, and the kids were being well-taken care of. I got to see the boy toddler, and also where they were having therapy. I saw the plaque at the entrance, dedicated by Imelda, offered to "the future of our nation -- our children" (the words, more or less.)

Geek highlight -- my sis showed me this wall which was filled with kids' names. Of course this was from the '70's where you have names like Amador and Diwata. One line straight from the Imeldific era reads: "FERDIEMELDIEBONGAIMEE..."

I heard a short retelling of Rachel's life from my sis. Actually I knew some bits already from before, but it's been a hard life, full of people hardened by money. Let's just say that some stock contravida characters of afternoon soaps have pretty ardent imitators in real life.

My sis mentions that she has to pay for some of Rachel's expenses with the child ("sustento"). But she says, "God will provide."


[BACKLOG 2004/2/24]

From work I got my PRP this day. No change in "official duties", will work though on getting that by the middle of this year!

Quite funny, with all the construction going on, Ambo and I had to do the review in a stock room. Well no funny rumors up to this day so I guess it was ok. :-)

I guess they thought I did an OK job with ODTS. Honestly, could be better though. Well it's a lesson on how not to do coding, in some respects. Work is good, but better planning, delegation, banging of heads together in a team, are needed, things that we are practicing better on Intranet I think. Also more fun and better food while we're at it. :-)

* * *

I went with Gerry, Ate, Tito Chummy and my parents to Dish, for a night of old songs I've honestly never heard before (even for someone who sits in with my mom and dad listening to their Sunday radio every weekend.) A Beatles song we all haven't heard before, who would have thought! Was cool.

[BACKLOG 2004/2/21]

Highlight of the evening was Tita's Arowana escaping the aquarium. Got to chat also with Tita's friends from Slimmer's.

Unexpected techie talk (quite novel for a family gathering). Got to talk with Enan and Georgia about CF vs. SD, digicams vs. Tablet PC's vs. camera phones, and the nasty catch of the region selection on your DVD drive.


[BACKLOG 2004/2/16-2004/2/27]

Welcome to the team, Julie!

Julie's now part of our team. I gave her the MSCMS manual, got to teach her IIS, and Maui did the Intranet and QA briefing. We've got a pretty good process worked out.

For her part she's been quite aggressive in giving suggestions. She's been giving good suggestions for improving the documentation, suggestions with the UI, nitpicking behavior, being a par excellence QA. I got some nice ideas from her on organizing our docs, will be working on that once dev work subsides a bit.

Hey not that I'm slacking of on docs, we still have code comments and wiki notes and all that, just haven't updated the baseline docs on DMS.

"Baseline" -- that's a new word, part of the CMMi lingo, but I'm getting ahead of myself with this baclkog. :-)

[BACKLOG 2004/2/16-2004/3/5]

Actually I don't have an exact range of this period. This has to do with the last days of Romel in Trend.

I remember one of the last lunches I've had with him (my camera is so handy here) -- it was at Goodah. I first got wind of the "PIP" word here, in relation to the Siebel project. TThere was really a lot speculation at this time. Eventually we knew where it was going. He wasn't showing up in the office anymore some time after this lunch.

It's unfortunate that with the good service he's done for Trend ever since the office was established here in the Philippines, it's come to an end.

Romel Almarinez, he's a great guy, a very "mature" presence in the group. Quite jaded, rather cynical perhaps, occasional green jokes, has strong sometimes-unpopular convictions (fan of Ping Lacson, apologist for Erap no less -- you gotta have guts for this.) Someone who was intelligent and got things done. Knowing the back story of all of this, the story of BP,

We in BP as a group have to move forward, improve our processes, look at this objectively, improve our projects' success rate. Establishing better processes is the way to be objective in solving problems, making failure less of a personal fault. At the same time there's a human element to this, we must know how to work together constructively.

I don't really know what really happened (it's "complicated") hence am not blogging speculations, but again let's just (1) make things better and have more successes, and (2) in case we don't succeed, let's be reminded that we have to move forward again in a constructive and professional manner.

[BACKLOG 2004/2/15]

Still "antok" (sleepy doesn't really cut it) from yesterday. Ate at CPK with family. We had a little misunderstanding with my sis and their family. That's how it is I guess with extended families, schedules, etc. Nothing we couldn't sort out though. We're good. :-)

They met an old friend, and I let them my camera. Got nice pics of Tinsel with pet chickens.

That's backlog blogging.

I don't know exactly why, but I got really busy for the past month.

I have to blog again, so I can
1) Sort out the stuff that's been happening for the past few weeks (enough to justify not blogging)
2) Try to find out if I've been to busy (most likely)

It might be a sign I'm trying to do too much.

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